VVS-Fabrikanternas Råd

The Swedish association for manufacturers of heating, plumbing, sanitation and metering products and equipment.

VVS-Fabrikanternas Råd represents the interest of the swedish "VVS" industry. The 93 member companies  match approximately 85% of the turnover for this sector in Sweden.

The association mainly deals with jointly horizontal issues; sustainable buildings, regarding to energy saving and efficiency. Reducing and counteracting water damages. Sustainable infrastructure for water and wastewater. European and national legislation, standardization, quality and certification issues etc. It also provides contact for its members with politicians, governmental departments, national bodies, other industry, users and customer associations, etc.

VVS-Fabrikanternas Råd only deals with issues and exchange information between manufacturers that are in line with national and European laws. VVS-Fabrikanternas Råd aims particularly to work for a well-functioning market economy and for sound business conditions in the construction market.

Please feel free to contact us in any issue regarding the swedish "VVS"- industry.


phone: +46 (0)8 24 14 80

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